Intercultural Communication
France – Germany

Project support

Efficient and easy communication helps your projects in France or Germany come to fruition


Adapting your digital contents to sucessfully access the German or French market


French into German
German into French

Let your business go successfully abroad!

You are either based in France or Germany. You are a business owner, artist, small organization or an individual. And you are English-speaking.

If you want to grow your activity between France and Germany but you are not fully at ease with the French or German language and culture, then I can help you.


My services are designed to facilitate business between the French and German markets. As a language professional with deep-rooted cultural knowledge and experience of both countries, I make sure you overcome language and cultural differences without having to learn a single word of French or German.

Of course, in order to be successful in a foreign place, you need to get understood. For this, you need to understand how people and the country work. To achieve this mutual understanding is my part.

I provide business support exclusively for Germany and France. But I offer all my services with English as the working language as well.