About me, Barbara Schulten

With each language a different worldview unfolds

Born and raised in Germany, I moved to Paris at the age of 20. From the moment I started to live, love and dream in French, I experienced first-hand how my view and experience of the world changed.

In Paris, I studied theatre and trained as an actor, but finally decided not to pursue a path in the arts. Following this change of direction, I worked in various fields of business acquiring a wide set of competences and skills. All jobs had in common to require being bilingual French-German.

The cultural understanding leading to cultural competence, I absorbed through completely being immersed into the French language, culture, everyday life and work.

After 24 happy years lived in France, I have moved the centre of my life back to Germany. With the move back to my native country, I decided to create an intercultural communication service for people and businesses in France and Germany.


Passion and depth

Specialising in any particular subject always seemed too circumscribed and contrary to my temperament, so I chose not to. By my competences, skills and knowledge, I am a generalist who is interested in a large field of subjects. I evaluate each project with a fresh, unbiased approach.

As an experienced autodidact, I acquire the essential knowledge and fundamental understanding specific to each mission.

Work and creative processes in the depth of a subject fuel my passion.

And passion is my fuel.

I am interested in truthful inspiring collaborations that culminate in your project’s success. For me, the path to achieving a goal has the same importance as the goal itself.

For our joint success and satisfaction.